Karl Jawhari- Treatment Options for Herniated Spine Disc in People


A herniated spine disc is often referred to as slipped disc, raptured disc and bulging disc. Doctors and medical practitioners focus on alleviating the discomfort and the pain of their patients. They check the condition of their patients and work on a customized treatment plan to alleviate the pain in the lower back, buttocks and neck.

Karl Jawhari- how does the treatment plan start for herniated spine disc?

Karl Jawhari is the Founder of Dallas Spine and Disc Center that focuses on the treatment of back pain. He says that patients that suffer from a herniated spine disc are first placed on conservative treatment that is non-surgical in nature. They can take surgery if they wish to however doctors recommend them to start non-medical treatment and check their progress. He adds that for some patients having early surgery is important as they have many complications. If the patient suffers from weakness in his or her limbs because of the pinching nerve, surgery is a good option. If surgery is delayed, the patient will suffer from nerve loss and this results in permanent damage to the body.

He says there is a condition known as cauda equina syndrome and this means that the patient faces progressive weakness in his body. There is sudden bowel and bladder dysfunction that needs medical care and surgery. Most of the time the patient suffers from weakness in his legs.

An insight into non-surgical treatment

Non-surgical treatment is prescribed mostly for patients that suffer from cervical herniated discs and lumbar herniated discs. This treatment consists of medicines that are administered to the patient for a span of 4 to 6 weeks. The treatment helps to erase the discomfort and the pain. Doctors generally prescribe single treatment options or multiple treatment plans to alleviate the pain. Often patients are given physical therapy along with medicines for reducing the discomfort and the pain. The number of sessions for treatment of the pain depends upon how serious it is and this differs from person to person.

Check the region with tests even if you do not suffer from pain

There are some people that do not even experience pain when they have a herniated spine disc. This is why doctors state that you should consult medical practitioners and check the area with imagery tests. This will give you an insight into the region. Again, some people experience pain that is so unbearable that it affects mobility and daily activities.

It is important for you to note that the degree of pain and discomfort is not the same for everyone. This is why doctors recommend tests and will customize treatment plans that differ from one individual to another. Dr. Karl Jawhari ensures that all his patients get the care and attention they need when it comes to the effective treatment of herniated spine discs. He says that the problem should never be ignored. In case you experience numbness and slight pain in the neck or the back, it is crucial to seek medical intervention as soon a as possible he says!

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