Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous


Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous this question is answered in details in this article.

We are sure that there are thousands of people who want to have this surgery right now but are wondering the answer to the question Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous. We have prepared such content in order to enlighten you about it and provide you with information. You will get the clear answer to the question Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous. All obesity surgeries have certain risks. Obese patients are more at risk than normal patients. It would not be right to say that there is zero danger in stomach reduction surgery, but the risk is minimal. If the surgery is performed with the right technique by an experienced surgeon, the risks are minimal.

What kind of method is it?

Stomach reduction surgery is not only a tube gastric bypass, but also bariatric surgery that temporarily or permanently reduces the size of the stomach is called stomach reduction surgery in the general name of operations. Bariatric surgery, that is, the purpose of bariatric surgery, is to restrict food intake to ensure that a person loses weight. In other words, the technique of each stomach reduction surgery is different. These are operations performed by different methods. Stomach reduction is the general name of these surgeries.

Can it be applied to anyone with weight problems?

No, it’s not a suitable operation for everyone, of course. Very detailed analyzes and tests are carried out before. It is performed for patients with a body mass index above 40 or diabetes mellitus such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cholesterol elevation, as well as for patients with a body mass index above 35. The excess weight of the patients who will have this operation should be exogenous. In other words, it should not be from the group of hormonal disorders. These people need to spend a long time trying methods such as diet, exercise to lose weight. Before surgery, you should get an answer to the question Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous from the surgeon.

How is body mass index calculated?

The body weight index (BMI) is the number obtained by dividing the value of body weight by the type of kilogram by the square of its value by the type of neck meter. That is, it is calculated as weight/ height X height. To correctly calculate the body mass index, first accurately measure your height and weight. Body Mass Index data are widely used to determine obesity based on the World Health Organization’s classification of obesity.

Who is not recommended?

This surgery is not performed for those under the age of 35 unless it is very necessary. But surgery can be performed after the age of 18 in people whose health is in danger due to excess weight. It is an operation that is usually performed on obesity patients over the age of 35. Of course, the absence of diabetes in a person is also an important factor. Those who benefit from this operation are usually people who consume a lot of pastries, alcohol, fatty foods, and, accordingly, gain a lot of weight. In addition, in order to make a decision about surgery, the person’s body mass index must also be at a certain level. In patients with a body mass index of 55 and higher, preparatory surgery is first performed. It is expected to lose weight at a certain rate with preparatory surgery.

Is it dangerous?

No! In fact, we gave the answer to the question Is Stomach Reduction Surgery Dangerous in the title above. Complications are rare; the remaining part of the stomach due to ulcers in the stomach of the weak recovery, leaks or contraction; early postoperative bleeding; nutritional deficiencies; gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and esophageal inflammation; the expansion of the stomach are at risk.

What should be considered?

After stomach reduction surgery, you need to be ready for a new social life and eating pattern. The result of this operation will never be successful without your efforts. So don’t expect too much. Diet, exercise and a new social life will be waiting for you after the operation. If you are ready for this, you should have stomach reduction surgery. If you are not, do not waste time in vain.

How many kilos can be lost?

After gastric reduction surgery, the stomach is made into a tube like a continuation of the esophagus, reducing its volume. In addition to the fact that the volume of the stomach decreases, the secretion of the hunger hormone also decreases significantly. Both the reduction of the stomach in volume and the reduced secretion of the hormone hunger affect appetite. Targeted weight loss occurs permanently when patients with a reduced appetite, who get full very quickly and feel less need for nutrition, follow the rules of nutrition after surgery.

After stomach reduction surgery, patients can lose 10% of the average total weight in the first month, that is, 10-20 kilos in the first month. However, patients may even have weighing changes of up to -30 kilos in the first month, which vary from person to person. After the first month, weight loss continues to slow down, and patients who have undergone obesity surgery and metabolic surgery at the end of 1-1, 5 years lose 80% of excess weight or all excess weight at varying rates and fix their weight.

Can weight regain?

The rate of weight gain again after stomach reduction surgery is around 15%. For this reason, in order to prevent patients with stomach reduction surgery from gaining weight again, a doctor’s check is a stage that should be done extremely carefully. Those who have had stomach reduction surgery should be closely monitored by an obesity team, which also includes dietitians and psychologists. The patient should be planned to be followed up for life, and the patient should be treated holistically with medical treatments.

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