Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Crowns & Bridges


Whether due to trauma, wear and tear, or other dental concerns, there are numerous reasons for missing teeth. Luckily for you, if you would like to replace your missing teeth, you can consider dental crowns & bridges Frisco. Unlike removable devices like dentures that you may take out and clean every day, crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic gadgets, which implies they are glued to your natural teeth or implants and may only be taken out by a dental specialist. Continue reading to discover more about crowns and bridges and how they could help transform your smile.

What Are Crowns and How Do They Function?

A crown is a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure that completely conceals a broken tooth. In addition to reinforcing it, a crown could enhance the look, alignment, or shape of a damaged tooth.

What’s more, a crown can be put above an implant to offer a tooth-like structure and shape for function. Crowns made of ceramic or porcelain can be color-matched to your natural teeth. Other materials include metal and gold alloys, ceramic, and acrylic. These alloys are often more durable than porcelain and may be used on the rear teeth.

Your dentist may suggest a crown to:

  • Replace a huge filling when there is not sufficient tooth left
  • Restore a damaged tooth
  • Augment bridges
  • Hide a severely stained or poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Conceal a tooth after root canal therapy

What Are Dental Bridges, And How Do They Work?

If one or more teeth are missing, your dentist might suggest a bridge. Missing teeth leave gaps in the mouth, causing the remaining teeth to shift or rotate into the empty spaces, culminating in a poor bite. Moreover, the imbalance triggered by missing teeth could result in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues and gum disease.

Bridges are a common restoration option for one or more missing teeth. They fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. Bridges are fixed to the implants or natural teeth that surround the gap in the mouth. The ‘teeth’, also known as abutments, are the anchors to the bridges. A substitute tooth is then affixed to the crowns covering the abutments.

Like crowns, dental bridges come in a range of materials. Depending on the position of the lost tooth, its function, cosmetic considerations, and cost, your dentist will help you select the right one for you. Ceramic or porcelain bridges can be color-matched to your natural teeth.

What Is The Process Of Making Crowns And Bridges?

Before creating a crown or bridge, your tooth must be cut in size for the prosthetic to fit correctly over it. After cutting the tooth, your dentist will obtain an impression to develop an exact mole for the bridge or crown. When using porcelain, your specialist must establish the right shade for the bridge or crown to complement your existing teeth.

With this impression, a dental laboratory develops your bridge or crown. Meanwhile, your dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge or crown to cover the prepared tooth. Once the permanent bridge or crown is done, the temporary prosthetic is eliminated, and the new one glued to the already-prepared tooth.

How Long Do Crowns And Bridges Last?

Whereas crowns and bridges could last forever, they might sometimes loosen or fall out. To ensure that you enjoy long-lasting crowns and bridges, observe proper dental hygiene, and visit a hygienist and dentist often for routine cleaning and checkups. Besides, avoid biting or chewing hard foods like ice to avoid shattering your prosthetic.

Ultimately, crowns and bridges have been the ‘go-to’ solution for patients seeking to restore the attractiveness of their smiles, and rightfully so. Not only do these procedures address multiple cosmetic concerns, but they deliver non-cosmetic benefits to your dental health, including preserving gum tissue, strengthening teeth, and improving your bite. Call the Frisco, TX office, or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today to explore the benefits of crowns and bridges for your smile.

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