Is Exercise the Only Thing You Can Expect from Physical Therapy?


If you are physically injured or in pain, you probably need to visit a physiotherapist to regain your health and strength. It makes sense to see experienced physiotherapists to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Your physical state and health are significantly important, and you have to protect them as much as possible. Although physical therapy is an effective, affordable, and conservative approach to an injury, many people still don’t understand it well. Unfortunately, their idea of physiotherapy isn’t correct as they think it’s just about different types of exercises. As a professional physiotherapist, Kasra Mirhosseini, explains, this wrong idea of physical therapy is mainly caused by what people see on TV or in the movies. The fact is exercise is one of the methods a professional physiotherapist uses to improve your condition based on your needs. It’s just one available tool that helps patients reach their goals. Your physiotherapist may choose another tool that suits your unique condition and the presentation of your current state. As a result, physiotherapy isn’t just about exercise; here, we explain some reasons to prove this claim.

Manual therapy

There are many non-exercise treatments and interventions a physiotherapist can provide. Manual therapy is one of the most common techniques physiotherapists use to improve tissue motion and eliminate pain. It is your physiotherapist’s job to use his or her hands in the most effective and efficient way.


Everyone wants to increase the amount of their living time and the quality of it. It may be hard to understand, but leaning on the expertise of your physiotherapist can make your living time longer and more high-quality. An experienced physiotherapist can help you boost your physical function so you can enjoy your life when you feel healthier. Therefore, you have to trust your physiotherapist and understand that your treatment plan is more than just exercise.

The specificity of physiotherapy exercises

The exercises you do under the supervision of your physiotherapist are totally different from regular exercises. Physiotherapists know which type of therapeutic exercises can help you with your injury. These exercises are specialized depending on your condition and the damaged area. The therapeutic activity is targeted at getting you back to the task that is negatively impacted. Therapeutic exercises can get you back to optimal function as they are part of your treatment plan. So you need to do those exercises carefully and don’t skip them if you want to be healthy and happy again.


Your physiotherapist can use several methods and interventions at the same time as a part of your treatment plan. Thanks to significant technological developments, a physiotherapist can use many advanced tools during the treatment, including electrical, mechanical, thermal, and would agents.

Helpful equipment

Your physiotherapist may use special equipment that you don’t know how to use yourself. They teach you how to use those tools during your treatment to improve your physical state and boost the treatment length.

After explaining all those reasons, it’s evident that physiotherapy is not just about exercise. Although exercise is one of the most important components of physical treatment, it’s not the only approach your physiotherapist can use!

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