Information about CT (Computed Tomography) scan included purposes for using, benefits, working procedure, and risk factors.


In recent years, modern medical treatment depends on the latest laboratory research work and testing reports using the advanced technology of different medical fields. This is essential to find out the causes like germs, inflammations, genes, nutritional deficiency and malfunctioning of organs or systems. CT (Computed Tomography) scan is one kind of diagnostic test is medical science. You can reform the images of CT scan in the different planes including 3D images. You will get the views of these images on your computer monitor. You can transfer the images to a DVD or CD. You also can print the images on film using a 3D printer. You will get more detailed views of bones, internal organs, blood vessels and soft tissues making CT scan than the traditional X-rays. CT scan offers you detailed information on the different kinds of health issues like a brain tumor, stroke, head injuries and other kinds of brain diseases. You can make the best CT scan in Mumbai.

Common causes to use CT scan

CT scan for head generally made for some conditions which are given below.

  •    Bleeding or blood clots within the brain due to sudden stroke or head injury
  •    Brain tumor
  •    Brain injury, bleeding and skull fracture due to the head injury
  •    Enlarging the brain cavities due to hydrocephalus
  •    Bleeding due to the rupture or leakage of an aneurysm including a severe headache
  •    Malformation or diseases of the skull

CT scan is also made for the other conditions and these are:

  • To determine the inflammation or other kinds of changes which are involved with the Paranasal sinuses
  • To make the evaluation of the soft tissues due to facial trauma, the extension of bones and the plan for surgical reconstruction
  • To make the plan for radiation therapy which is related to brain cancer or the other issues of the brain
  • To diagnose the disease caused in the temporal bones which are present on the sides of your skull.
  • To make the assessment for arteriovenous malformation, aneurysms and blood vessels following the techniques of CT angiography.
  •    To get the guideline to pass the needle to collect the tissue sample or biopsy from your brain

Benefits of making CT scan

There are many benefits for making CT scan and some these are:

  • CT scan is a non-invasive, painless and accurate procedure
  • You will get images including soft tissues, bones and blood vessels making CT scan for one time.
  • The procedure of CT scan is simple and fast. It is advantageous for emergency cases. CT scan offers detailed information in a faster way for the internal brain injuries and bleeding which is essential to save the life.
  • CT scan is cost-effective to get detailed images for the wide ranges of clinical problems.
  • No radiation is left in the part of the scanned area of the patient after making the CT scan.
  • There is no immediate side effect of making a CT scan.
  • CT scan offers detailed images of the different kinds of tissues including lungs, blood vessels, and bones.
  •    CT scan involves for the sensation of the patient’s movement.

Working procedure of CT scan

There are many similarities of working procedure between the traditional X-ray and CT scan. The main difference is that you can distinguish the images of different parts of the body on the X-ray film of CT scan depending on the absorption of different degrees of X-rays. In the traditional X-ray, the procedure involves passing of radiation through your body parts, which will be examined, in a small amount. The images include the appearance of bones in white, organs and soft tissues in gray and filling of air in black. In the procedure of CT scan, many X-ray beams and the set of electronic detectors of X-ray rotate around your body part to measure the amount of absorbed radiation of your body part. The specific computer program is used for the creation of 2D images processing these large amounts of data of your body and the image is displayed on the computer monitor. You will get the detailed multi-dimensional images of the interior parts of your body. The modern and advanced technology based CT scanner helps to get the images in a very fast procedure and it is essential in the case of emergency. The radiation dose may be reduced for the children.

Risks for CT scan

CT scan procedure several risk factors and some of these are:

  • The excessive uses of the radiation in the procedure of CT scan include a little risk for cause cancer.
  • The results of CT scan vary due to the use of radiation efficiently.
  • Generally, CT scan is not recommended for the pregnant women due to the potential risks for the baby. CT scan may be performed for the pregnant women in some cases of emergency.
  • If there is any possible condition for pregnancy, the woman should inform the physician before making the CT scan.
  • The breastfeeding mother will have to take a contrast medium and she can feed milk the baby after 24 to 48 hours.
  • You should avoid CT scan repeatedly depending on the necessary.
  • Sometimes, CT scan causes the allergic reaction in the specific condition like taking of seafood, medications, and iodine.
  • If you have the disease of diabetes and you are taking Metformin, you should inform your physician. The physician will advise you to take the medicine before and after making the CT scan.
  • If you have any kind of kidney problem, you should your physician before making a CT scan.
  • Ionizing radiation is harmful to the children and it can create problems for the children as they are in a growing stage. A special kind of adjustment of radiation is essential to make CT scan for the children.

Finally, you should choose the best CT scan centre in Mumbai to make your CT scan for the body parts in the right way. An efficient radiologist will help you to make CT scan to get the perfect image of your CT scan.

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