India’s Finest Technology and Post Health Care for Hip Replacement Surgery Patients


One of the main weight bearing joints of the body is hip joint. When physiotherapy and non-surgical conservative methods don’t work out to relieve pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis and other bone deformities of hip, hip replacement plays a vital role in this case.

Types of Hip replacement:

There are two types: total hip replacement or arthroplasty consisting of both acetabulum of hip bone and femoral head of femur bone replacement whereas hemiarthroplasty involves only replacement of femoral head of femur bone.

Prerequisites of Hip Replacement surgery:

  • Candidate with conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or avascular necrosis or traumatic arthritis or hip fractures or malignant and benign bone tumours of hip and pelvis area or arthritis related with diseases like Paget’s disease, etc.
  • Stiffness and swelling in hip joint with lack of mobility and this pain can’t be relieved by physiotherapy.
  • Difficulty in walking with impaired movement in everyday activities.
  • Evaluation by an orthopaedic surgeon to observe damage of cartilage surrounding hip joint and observation of no reduction in pain either controlled by medication and rehabilitation.
  • Presence of no medical conditions like uncontrolled blood pressure or poor health or presence of heart disease or urinary infections or infection by implants placed in surgery.

Why should India be chosen for hip surgery replacement?

  • The medically qualified team with best expertise along with economical health care makes India one of the right options for people to choose for hip surgery.
  • Even the technology used is unconventional and highly advanced for treatment with proper and appropriate diagnosis to support it.
  • Hip replacement cost in India ranges from $ 5000- $ 7500 which is much cheaper than developed countries of UK, US, etc. This cost also varies with partial or full hip replacement.

Best doctors for hip replacement in India:

  • The doctors in India utilize cutting edge methods for diagnosis and proper treatment aids with advanced and modified technology. The best doctors are highly qualified with years of expertise to provide excellent treatment and care to patient for recovery.
  • The qualified doctors work in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, etc. providing high quality treatments at multidisciplinary hospitals.

Materials used for hip replacement:

  • The implants used as prosthesis is a combination of materials like cobalt-chromium alloy which is high strength alloy or titanium used alone or in combination with Aluminium or Vanadium or Ultra high molecular polyethylene plastic which leads to less wearing even when used more than 10 years.

Even though total hip replacement cost in India is cost effective yet health care facilities are premium and finest in India.

The post care precautions which are taken after hip replacement are important and include:

  • Avoid flexion of hip not more than 90 degrees in bed or toilet or chair or wheelchair.
  • The surgery operated leg should be in straight and neutral position with toes upwards and no bending.
  • The leg which is operated upon should not be moved inwards or towards chest.
  • Avoid taking bath, take a shower to keep legs straight.
  • Lifting of heavy objects, kneeling down or low lying chair sitting should be avoided as it may cause dislocation.
  • Physiotherapy instructions should be followed to rehabilitate hip which include muscle strengthening exercises and avoiding impactful exercises like jogging, basketball, etc. which can cause damage or loosening of new hip joints. Exercises which are recommended to increase strength of muscles and cardio fitness without affecting hip includes swimming, walking, skiing, etc.
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