How does the body react to the consumption of drugs and alcohol


The harmful health effects that come from the excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol are well known. The brain is one of the organs that are most affected as these substances alter their chemical operation, its structure and also cause permanent changes and damage that is sustained over time.

The so-called neurotransmitters are chemical substances that are used and brain to communicate with neurons and transmit information. Throughout this circuit of reward used rigorously and fundamentally the dopamine, that when a person consumes hard drugs this is altered by increasing its production at levels higher than the usual processes. Then, we will mention the brain regions that are most affected by the excessive consumption of substances, also see the consequences that leave each one of them.

  1. The consumption of alcohol: the abuse of alcohol destroys irreversibly areas in memory, the brain that controls coordination and the cerebral cortex.
  2. Marijuana: excessive consumption of marijuana seriously affects the concentration and short-term memory, at the same time increasing the serious risk of psychological disorders in people who already have the tendency for them.
  3. The consumption of cocaine: this substance fills the brain dopamine, accelerates the rhythm of the heart, exorbitantly increases the risks of stroke, may cause paranoia and of course cause anxiety.
  4. MDMA and Ecstasy: the consumption of these two drugs affects serotonin which is the chemical that makes us feel happy, confident and sociable, but to consume ecstasy and MDMA absent completely this chemical making people feel with deep depression and severe anxiety.
  5. The consumption of hallucinogens, such as LSD and psicobiscina”: it is possible to distort the perception of people, these are unpredictable effects and last up to 12 hours, may lead consumers to a degree of psychosis and highly risky behaviors.

Each and every one of these addictions and the aftermath of the consumption of these substances is what we daily we try here in our rehabilitation center, that is why we do not recommend people to treat patients with these problems at home, because it is important for the professional supervision of doctors and specialists, as well as the conditions of a house does not lend themselves for emergencies, as it does in a rehabilitation center.

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