Improve Your Posture Through Scoliosis Treatment


Your spine is the pillar that holds the body and supports its weight. Any problem that might affect your spine hinders your movement ability. There are problems that develop and not injury related and may cause discomfort on the spine especially on children and young adults. Conditions such as scoliosis are common and cause the spine to bend causing discomfort. If you or your loved ones exhibit this symptom, it is important to visit a Scoliosis Sandy Springs specialist at the Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center to help treat the condition. The team at the facility is experienced in providing personalized treatment to correct spine deformities. Maintain a healthy spine by learning more about scoliosis here.          

Scoliosis Is a Common Spine Problem in Children

Most children in their teens are at risk of developing idiopathic scoliosis without a specific cause. In many cases, girls are at a higher risk of developing scoliosis compared to boys and require early treatment to correct the problem. It is an abnormal spine curvature that develops when children are growing rapidly. Common cases of scoliosis have an undetermined cause. It can sometimes run in families but not in common cases since many identified children with scoliosis do not have a family history of the disorder. Sometimes, scoliosis might occur due to problems encountered by the children in the womb or problems with bones of the spine.

Disc Degeneration May Cause Scoliosis in Adults

When the discs of the spine wear out, they may lead to degenerative scoliosis. The degeneration may occur due to crumbling of the discs leading to shrinking of the space between the bones of the spine causing the spine to rearrange itself and assume an abnormal shape. Adults may experience back pains, numbness and shooting pains that go to the legs.

Uneven Shoulders May Be Signs of Scoliosis

Scoliosis may exhibit different signs including uneven shoulders, misaligned head that does not appear at the center of the body and uneven sides of the body. One side of the rib cage appears to be higher than the other. Scoliosis also leads to back pain and numbness. Severe cases may lead to shortness of breath and difficulty in movement. This requires immediate medical attention to correct the problem.

Mild Cases of Scoliosis Do Not Require Medical Attention

Small curves that are unnoticed easily do not require treatment. The doctor may choose to monitor them over time to see if they may escalate. If the condition continues to grow, they may recommend treatment using noninvasive treatments such as using back braces to correct the growth of the spine. When braces are unable to end the problem, the doctor recommends surgery.

The spine is an essential body organ. It holds the body and acts as a path for your nerves. When it develops a problem, it is likely to affect performance for different parts of the body. Many people have had a curved spine but are not aware of what might be the problem. If you are experiencing this condition, you are the best candidate for scoliosis treatment. At Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center, the team cares about your health and appearance and therefore specializes in treating spine deformities. Do not struggle with a curved spine while there is a remedy closer to you. You can start by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.

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