How to help a fellow smoker quit smoking


Are you a break-free from cigarette smoking? Then you’ve got to help out those miserable smokers out there who are too helpless to get out of their misery on their own. Probably there is a lonely smoker on your street you see almost every day, I bet it that the first time you saw him, you must have felt drawn to help him out from his deep sorrow but the silent voice within you is holding you back but you have to overcome that and stretch out a hand of help to him, you can never tell, fate might have you two cross paths because you are to be the one to end his troubles, so don’t hinder him from his freedom.

In this article, I will be revealing to you how you can help out that smoker. Read on and get to know about on quitting smoking.

Make a friend of him first.

You might want to help but the best approach will be to make a friend out of him first. Going directly to the point, like telling him you want to help him to overcome his smoking habit could bring about an outright rejection from him. And why, doing that could make him feel you are actually trying to badmouth, make fun or bring out the bad side of him. So instead of doing that, take the fastest route to his heart – stretch out a hand of friendship. Make friend with him first, this way he will feel loved that someone cares for him. During the early stages of the friendship strictly avoid talks on his smoking habit, this way you get him to be more comfortable around you.

Take the friendship further.

Occasionally during your discussions, ask him questions about himself, his family and his loved ones. Make sure not to ask in a suspicious way that will make him feel you are trying to dig into his secret life and don’t ask too many questions at a time. Take it bit by bit, while taking note of every single answer he gives to your questions.

Bring out the good side of him.

Occasionally during your talks, he might tend to speak negatively about himself. Always try to talk him out of all such negative thought and tell him his good sides( you should have noticed all that during the course of your friendship). This way you get to give an impression on him that shows that he not all by himself, somebody still cares about him. You are slowly helping him to repair his self-image and confidence.

Broach on the smoking topic.

Speaking on this topic could be quite sensitive but make sure to pick your words carefully or else all your hardworking will come to nothing. You can take the first sentences by saying “how do you feel about your smoking habit, do you wanna stop it? ” instead of saying,” you’ve got to quit smoking, it is bad”. You should expect a little resistance from him but stay at it. You could go on to tell him on your past life as a smoker. This way you make him feel you both have something in common. This should help weaken his defence against you. He might express negative thoughts and feelings, but encourage him, tell him if you could quit then he could also quit. Be more concerned and committed at the stage, always be there for him. Quitting could be quite difficult for him, so always be there to encourage him to suit down his smoking urge. Always commend him on his progress and don’t condemn him on days he failed, this should help keep the determination in him high.

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