How Often Should We Perform Teeth Whitening?


Many people ask their dental hygienist how often they should whiten their teeth. Is it your question too? The brief answer to this question is clear and easy to guess. You don’t need to perform teeth whitening at a particularly raw and specific time. We mean no need to whiten your teeth monthly, weekly or daily. Although whitening’s result is temporary, you can experience it not in a straightforward method. There are different and various factors that affect your whitening process result. These factors determine how often you need to perform the whitening process. According to a trusted dentist performing professional teeth whitening in Vancouver, the whitening process is not only a one-time dental treatment. You may complete this process several times to get the desired result. The whitening process won’t be a permanent fixing process based on gathered reports and information. It means your teeth return to their natural color over time. The frequency of the whitening process depends on the quality and style of your teeth. We will explain how quickly you will need to whiten your teeth.

Influential Factors on Teeth Whitening 

There are several numbers of practical factors for your teeth whitening. For example, you’re eating, and drinking habits or diet will be effective on the lifetime of your white teeth.

Moreover, oral hygiene habits are also effective in the life of this dental treatment’s result. So many dentists believe your lifestyle and choices are essential and influential in whitening.

According to these practical factors, waiting at least 6 months is better. You can experience a whitening process every 6 months. The whitening process may make your teeth as white as snow for some months and cause dental sensitivity.

 So you need to wait for 6 months till your teeth sensitivity goes. Also, this waiting time stops any damage to your dental enamel.

When Do We Need to Perform Teeth Whitening? 

Some people think about whitening their teeth when they get near their wedding party or job interview. How about you? Do you want to have whiter teeth for the near weekend?

 If you are near a big day, we recommend making your teeth whiter and enjoying your brighter smile. Besides the best time for teeth whitening, choosing the type of your whitening process is essential.

Some people prefer to whiten their teeth at home with the help of whitening kits, while others choose to get help from a professional cosmetic dentist or skillful hygienist.

 It is good to know whitening process in a dental clinic is more effective than an at-home whitening kit. It also is a long-lasting whitening process in contrast to other methods.

Before choosing the at-home whitening kit, check out the instructions and steps of this process. You can only use a home whitening process sometimes you want.

You must perform this process according to the recommended instructions. Finally, it will be helpful to be careful about your dental and oral hygiene to keep your teeth as white as possible.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth 2 times a day, even after the whitening process. Daily flossing is another dental care after performing the whitening process. You will increase the lifetime of whitening results by mentioning dental care.

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