Galvanic Treatment for Smooth Cellulite Free Thighs


Do you have cellulite? You can spend hundreds of dollars on galvanic treatments in a fancy spa or you can order one of the new handheld units that are now offered for sale on the web. A good example of one of these smaller units is the Fyola Facial Machine which is an ultra sound device that is portable, effective and only requires an investment of about $300.  That is practically the cost of a single spa visit plus an expensive lunch afterwards.  Galvanic  treatments in a salon can cost from $100 to $300.  Compare that to investing in one machine!

When used on the face an ultrasound galvanizer unit like the Fyola Facial Machine will remove dead cells, get rid of acne, remove waste and clean out pores and improve the way your skin absorbs moisture and nutrients.  There is absolutely no reasons why you can’t use this amazing little machine other places in your body, such as your thighs.

If you use a hand-held galvanizer unit on your thighs you will find –

  • The tone and color of the skin will improve
  • Your skin will be firmer
  • That orange peel appearance of skin affected with cellulite with disappear
  • Fat beneath the skin will be broken down
  • Toxins will be flushed away from beneath the skin

Galvanic treatments are sometimes called non-surgical body sculpting because they are so effective of smoothing and firming the skin. It certainly is a lot less invasive than the liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures that might be used to eliminate cellulite.

Just what exactly is a galvanic instrument? In essence both the instrument and the gel contain a negative charge. This creates a tension where the instrument and gel repel each other and drive the lotion deep into the pores of the skin.  Fyola based gels are specifically designed to deliver nutrients and ant-aging treatment to the dermis and sub-dermis of the skin so that it looks smoother and younger.

The fact that the Fyola Facial Machine helps remove toxins from beneath the skin is exactly why it can help cure cellulite. Cellulite is the result of enlarged fat cells pressing down on blood vessels and preventing the body from removing waste products. When this happens collagen fibers surrounding the cells become hard and start to swell. This can also causes the dimple effect we see in a bad case of cellulite on the thighs.

Using a galvanic machine is painless. Some people feel a massaging action and others feel a light tingling sensation. There are no health risks. However if you have a dental implants or a lot of metal in your mouth you might find these treatments uncomfortable.

The reason that galvanic treatments, especially used in conjunction with an appropriate gel cream, work so well is because they increase your blood circulation. The more blood moving through your skin’s capillaries, arteries and veins, the fresher, smoother and healthier the skin will look.

In fact if you use one of these machines every day your skin may even develop a tawny polished look that makes your thighs look quite sexy again!

Galvanic Treatment and Increased Circulation

Have you ever wanted a dewy, fresh looking complexion and skin free of blemishes and discolorations. The secret to how well your skin can look is in your circulatory system.  The more blood that is summoned to your face, the more “in the pink” you will look.

The Secret to Glowing Skin

As we age it gets harder and harder for blood to move through the tinier capillaries in our skin. This is because the passageways become blocked with toxins and fat pressing on them. Capillaries can also shrink and become dehydrated.

This is where a galvanic facial stimulator like the Fyoloa Facial Machine can come in handy. You turn it on, glide it across your skin and a miracle results. It cleans out pores, improves the moisture of your skin and helps your blood vessels carry nutrients and waters to the surface of the skin. The result is a moist, healthy looking complexion.

How Does Galvanic Treatment Work?

Hand-held galvanic devices look like small buzzing magic wands. These devices are passed over the skin. This creates a direct current of electricity to the skin surface that you are scanning and perks it up. The result is usually increased blood flow.

There is a “push and pull” effect that happens magnetically with these devices. The positive force behaves like else and reduces swelling. This polarity brings increased circulation to the area. The negative force of the device creates heat which also speeds circulation and promotes healing. When the two forces are used in synchronicity like this then the skin “breaks down a little” allowing the blood to flow freely through the small capillaries. These thermal and electrochemical currents have a powerful invigorating effect on its skin as toxins are carried away from the skin and nutrients are carried towards it.

Is Galvanic Treatment For You?

For the most part Galvanic treatment is absolutely harmless. The galvanic units have been used on the skin for the last fifty years. The results are so astounding it is sometimes calls a “non surgical face lift.”  There are no side effects that occur as your facial muscles are tightened and you experience increased blood circulation.

The skin is prepped with a special gel that helps conduct the electrical charge tot eh skin.  A typical treatment at a spa usually lasts about fifteen minutes and can be repeated a few times a month. However if you use a Fyola Facial Machine you can give yourself treatments at home for no cost for quite a few months.

Who should not use galvanic treatment?

Most skin types can handle this type of facial rejuvenation treatment. However if you have diabetics or concerns about circulation this treatment might not be for you. If you have metal plates in your mouth the metal could conduct heat and cause discomfort. This includes people that wear both braces or implants. If you have metal pins or plates in your head you may feel uncomfortable during these treatments as well. If you are unsure whether or not you should be using treatments that deploy invisible electrical currents check with your doctor before purchasing a galvanizer or getting a treatment is a salon or a spa.

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