Early signs that point to the fact that you are pregnant


Do you consider yourself pregnant? Hold on! In the first few weeks of pregnancy the symptoms of pregnancy may be well on its way. Pretty much opting for heart medications while pregnant you need to watch out for the early signs of pregnancy. If you have a weak heart do not hop on to heart medications while pregnant as observe some of the early signs of pregnancy.

Missed period

Once you miss your period it could be the early sign of pregnancy and this is for a good reason. The missed period is the early symptom which all the would be mothers experience.


Just imagine climbing a flight of stairs or running a marathon you might be exhausted. That is pregnancy for you in a nut shell. During the early phase of pregnancy a lot of energy goes in development of placenta which proves out to be the life support system for your baby. All this could zap and get the best out of you.


A queasy feeling could point to the occurrence of morning sickness when you are pregnant. It could hit you at any time of the day when you are in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones are also responsible for this. Nausea could go on to strike a pregnant woman any time after conception. But in most cases they are likely to start after 6 weeks of pregnancy

Food aversions

Your extra sensitive nose could also point to one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. There are certain types of foods that make your worse. It could be chicken or something benign like a salad. You cannot term it as one of the early signs of pregnancy as it would emerge in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Once again you need to blame the pregnancy hormones which contribute to all these changes. There is no need to worry as things fade down once you touch upon the second trimester of pregnancy.

Mood swings

The pregnancy related hormones do have the blame for leading to mood swings when you are pregnant. Pretty much in the early stage of pregnancy you are likely to come across mood swings. It is not only pregnancy hormones that create havoc in your life; it does replicate a normal situation that the mood would go haywire. Eat well, care for yourself and once in a while go on to pamper yourself. The moment you take in deep breaths it is going to be all ok.

Frequent urination

Once a couple of weeks pass after conception there is an increased tendency to urinate. This is going to take place after a few weeks of conception and it does occur due to increase in blood flow to the kidneys enabling them to get rid of the body fat. The size of the uterus also grows and it does go on to put a lot of pressure on the bladder.

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