Costa Rica Plastic Surgery: Tips For Choosing The Right Cosmetic Surgeon


While plastic or cosmetic surgery is a booming industry in the US, many Americans opt to avail services in Costa Rica because the prices are way cheaper. In fact, research shows that general plastic surgery rates in this Central American country are about two-thirds less than US rates. That means a $10,000 breast implant in Los Angeles will likely be priced at just $4,500 in Costa Rica. Even if you factor in the travel expenses and full board and lodging for the entire duration of the treatment and recovery process, it’s still a lot cheaper.

The decision to go under the knife is a big one — and it is bound to change your life forever. That said, it is important to choose the right licensed professional to perform the procedure. This surgeon should not only be very skilled at the task, but also understands what your personal goals are and how important this change is to you. In many instances, plastic surgeons double as sound-off boards for clients who are looking to transform their lives. You will need a doctor who is as emphatic as he or she is experienced.

Here are four tips you should consider when choosing a Costa Rica plastic surgeon.

  1. Is he or she certified and experienced?

First of all, all doctors in Costa Rica should have an active membership with the Costa Rica Doctor’s Association. This should be your minimum standard. You can also check with the US Embassy for a list of certified cosmetic surgeons in the area who, preferrably, also hold a US board license (American Board of Cosmetic Surgery/Plastic Surgery certification). Remember that you will be making a huge leap, so you want a doctor who is properly trained for the role.

  1. Do you like his or her communication style?

During your early consultations, discuss your preferences with the doctor and observe how he or she responds to your needs. You want a doctor who will respect your decision, listens carefully, and provides answers and suggestions in the clearest way possible. You will need to disclose your medical history, so being comfortable with your doctor matters.

  1. Have you seen before and after photos of previous clients?

Look for proof of previous work, particularly patients with the same structure and shape as you. This will give you an idea how much of a change is visibly expected. You can also talk to former clients and get their feedback.

  1. What is covered by follow-up care?

The doctor’s services do not end at the operating table. The recovery phase is as crucial as the operation itself. Your doctor should be there through the healing process and explain the do’s and don’ts carefully. He or she should also inform you of potential complications and what you should do in case these surface. Even when you’re fully healed, you will still need to visit from time to time so the doctor can check the integrity of the final product and determine if further follow-up care is necessary.

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