Breast Biopsy in Los Angeles – What You Must Know Before Going For It


This is a simple procedure which sometimes becomes necessary. In this procedure, the doctors remove small tissues from breast and then send the tissue to the lab for the purpose of testing. Sometimes through the breast biopsy the doctors can determine whether a lump in breast can turn into cancer or not. You should remember that breast lumps don’t always result into cancer. However, you should not risk your health and look for a clinic which performs breast biopsy in Los Angeles at the initial stage.

WhyTo Go for a Breast Biopsy in Los Angeles

Why should you go for the breast biopsy, you might ask this. Since most of the lumps that form in breast are not cancerous, why should you opt for this treatment? However, sometimes the doctors prescribe for a biopsy if there is reason to be concerned about. the doctor might order for a biopsy, if your nipple changes form. Additionally, the biopsy can be ordered if there is crusting on your breast or if you suffer from bloody discharge.

Types of Biopsies

There are three different types of biopsies which doctors usually perform – surgery biopsy, fine needle biopsy and core needle biopsy. Which one is the suitable one for you, only a doctor will be able to say.

Preparing for a Breast Surgery

Before you get yourself prepared for a breast biopsy, you need to talk to your doctor. It is important that you talk to your doctor about any allergy reaction which you suffer from. Additionally, you need to tell the doctor about the medicines which you are taking. Sometimes doctors order for MRI scan. Once this happens, you need to tell the doctor about any electronic devise which is implanted inside your body like pacemaker. The MRI test is not safe unborn babies. This is why you must tell your doctor whether you are pregnant or not.

Before the biopsy the doctors will examine your breast. This includes physical examination, ultrasound and MRI scan.

Risks Related to Biopsy

While this is not a life threatening test, there are some issues which the patients have complained about. Bruising in the breast is one of the most common signs. This has happened several times. Swelling of the breast is another common sign. Breasts usually suffer from soreness at the injected areas. Infection at the biopsy area is not uncommon either. However, these problems are not permanent and you will be able to take care of them with proper medication.

After the Breast Surgery

You might wonder what would happen after the biopsy. You will be able to go home once the surgery is done. The tissue will be sent to the lab for the purpose of testing. It takes only a handful of days for them to come up with a result. It would be your duty to keep the area clean. You will also have to keep changing the bandages as well.

It is important that you find a skilled breast biopsy in Los Angeles center. You must find a clinic which offers competent service.

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