Anavar Dosage guide for Men and Women


Keeping in mind the safety factor as well as the desired results, deciding upon the correct dose of Anavar can be at times a challenge. You can discuss with some of the existing users but keep it in mind that two individuals will never get the same benefits from the same dosage. If you had been on some other steroids in the past, you will definitely know that these drugs and supplements require a lot of personalization. So, proper research that includes some basic idea about the product is a must before you start taking the drug and decide on it cycle length.

The recommended dose 

The dosage of any drug basically depends on the goal you have set, if it is for losing weight, bulking or cutting. In case of men, only Anavar is normally not enough to give you the required muscle gain, stacking is required. But in case of women stacking is generally not advised. But whether it is for men or women dieting and an extensive workout is must to achieve the maximum benefit. For a man who is taking for the first time, the perfect dose is about 30mg in a day for the first week. After 7 days, you can slowly increase the dose. Gradually the dosage can be increased to a maximum of 100mg per day. In this case, the dosages split during the day prove to be effective. Women should start with a dose of 2.5mg for 4 to 6 weeks which can be extended upto 8 weeks.

Anavar cycle

Anavar is such an anabolic steroid which is well-tolerated by not only women but men as well.

  • Anavar cycle for men includes two phases – Men can use it both in the bulking and cutting phase. Its easygoing property does not make it suitable for men in gaining bulk muscle mass. They find this steroid useful in the cutting phase, when they want a ripped physique. For men, a dose of 50mg in a day at the initial stage is considered ideal which you can gradually increase upto a safe limit of 80mg.
  • Anavar cycle for women – It is the most well-suited steroid for women. It is perfect for women and helps them to attain an ideal bikini figure. A dosage of 10-20mg in a day is just perfect when taken for 6 weeks.

What to expect

The list of benefits that you can expect with the use of Oxandrolone irrespective of whether you are a women or a man are:

  • It helps in maintaining the strength of the muscle tissue
  • It aids in regeneration of tissues
  • It helps you to attain a toned physique
  • It improves the metabolic rate of your body

You can get to enjoy the above mentioned benefits only if taken in the right amount. If with time you increase the dosage, and then make sure that the dosages split during the day so that it doesn’t cause any harmful effect on your body. Men can increase their strength and for women, if they take it in the off-season, it not only helps to attain strength but also contributes to the muscle mass.

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