All You Should Know About Neck Lifts


As you get older, the production of collagen in the body reduces, thus leading to laxity of the skin tissue. The neck is no exception as it is also affected, resulting in wrinkles or lumps of skin, one on top of the other. The saggy skin in the neck area can be fixed using various procedures. If you are in Scottsdale neck lift procedures can be easily accessed.

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What is a Neck Lift?

Neck lifts are a set of operations that aim to improve your neck’s outward look. This is usually a submental lipectomy or lower rhytidectomy that aims at neck contouring. The procedures involved include the following:

·         Altering or removing neck muscles

·         Botox injections that deal with problems of fullness

·         Removal of excess skin

·         Removal of excess fats below the chin through the use of Kybella injections

·         Liposuction aimed to get rid of excess fats

·         Use of radiofrequency, lasers, and ultrasound devices

·         Use of fillers and intense pulsed light

You and your surgeon should sit down so that he can advise you on the best courses of action depending on your preferences and what you want to achieve. Be sure to avail your complete medical history and information on any medications you are taking to enable them to give you appropriate advice. Some of the concerns that may be looked into when getting a neck lift include:

·         Too much skin on your neck: Parts of your skin will be trimmed and lifted to the appropriate position then held in place through the use of stitches or tissue glue. This operation usually takes between three to four hours, depending on the difficulty level of the procedure. Afterward, you are fitted with a compression bandage to hold the stitches or glue in place for at least one week.

·         Turkey Wattle: This surgery involves making cuts behind your ears or below your chin to enable the surgeon to access your neck muscle, known as the platysma. Some muscles may even have to be removed. Advancements in technology have enabled modern surgeons to insert a tiny camera attached to a thin tube known as an endoscope into your neck by making more minor cuts. Your surgeon will advise you on the most suitable procedure depending on what is to be done. Botox injections are used to relax the platysma muscle to get rid of the appearance of fullness and enable the more accessible performance of the operation.

·         Liposuction: A small cut is made under your chin, and excess fat is removed. This procedure usually happens first. The process lasts for only about an hour, and if it is the only operation being done, stitches are put and bandaged. Your surgeon will then advise you on care and removal of the bandages.

Several risks and side effects come with the performance of these procedures and include:

·         Numbness

·         Bruising or swelling may occur for a couple of days

·         Burning, tightness, or tingling sensations

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