5 Straightforward Red Eye Prevention Tips


Red eyes, especially without pain, don’t warrant much worry. Nonetheless, if it is accompanied by pain, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and swelling, seeking immediate attention is necessary. Your trusted ophthalmologist, Stephen M. Wolchok MD conducts a thorough diagnosis, establishes the causes of red eye causes, starts treatment, and provides recommendations to maintain healthy eyes.

Many factors can cause red eyes, including:

  • Allergies
  • Dry eyes
  • Injury
  • Infections like conjunctivitis
  • Conditions such as glaucoma, and blepharitis, to mention a few

Your habits could also cause red eyes, for example, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and using some whitening eye drops. Red-eye treatment follows its cause. Nonetheless, like your overall health, prevention is critical. Among the red-eye simple prevention tips include:

1. Rubbing the eyes

An itch can be irresistible, but it would be best if you did your best to avoid rubbing the eyes. Your hands might seem clean but could be loaded with germs and dirt that your naked eye might not see. Such substances on the fingers and hands can make their way into the eye, worsening irritation, and redness. Instead of rubbing, try a cool compress over your eyes. Pick clean cloth/cotton wool, soak it in warm water, squeeze, and place on your eyes. You will realize better results without causing irritation or worsening the redness.

2. Hygiene

Keeping your eyes clean helps avoid dirt accumulation that could lead to puncta blockage. Such blockage means that tears are not drained properly, which can lead to watery eyes and increased inflammation and infection risks. Eye hygiene is not complicated. If you wear makeup, ensure you remove it before sleeping. If you wear contact lenses, keep them clean. Moreover, do not wear them beyond the recommended period. Also, keep your hands clean, and ensure pillowcases, towels, and other clothes are clean.

3. Breaks

Screen time, especially looking at the computer, can strain your eyes. It could be the cause of your red eyes. Avoid prolonged screen time by taking frequent breaks.

4. Allergens

Allergens from pollen, smoke, and dust, among others, should be avoided. They are the most common causes of red eyes, yet they can easily be avoided. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors, for example, keeps dust and pollen away from your eyes. Following your workplace’s demands, ensure that you wear appropriate protective gear.

5. Eye exams

When last did you see an eye doctor? Don’t wait until you have a problem to see a specialist. You can easily maintain a lifetime of healthy vision with routine eye exams. A comprehensive exam every two years is recommended for those below 65 years and with no underlying concerns. If you are 65 years or older, an annual exam is advisable. Routine eye exams can spot issues before they grow and treat them in time. This keeps red eyes at bay while promoting healthier vision.

Red eye without pain can be managed at home and subside within a short period. If it persists for a week or more or worsens, seeking immediate attention is necessary. Consult Wolchok Eye Associates, PA to learn more about eye-related concerns.

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