Why Are Silicone Gel Sheets Used for the Treatment of Surgical Scars


It is important to take good care of surgical scars and wounds since improper care may lead to skin redness, irritation and infection. All wounds do not always heal properly and scars may not evolve as expected and hence it becomes important to care for them so as to help the skin tissue regain its normal appearance. If the patient wants a less obvious scar and also wants to boost the healing process, the patient should treat incision optimally. The cuts made by the surgeon and the stitches that have been applied have to be managed correctly for a desirable healing process. This is important so that the scar or scars do not end up looking big or lumpy.

Improper care of the scar tissue may also result in the patient’s skin being constantly itchy, painful, and tender and can make the patient depressed or agitated. Therefore, no matter how deeper the cut is made, or how prominent the scar tissue becomes, scar management becomes vital and necessary. Silicone gel sheets are clinically proven to have a positive impact on hypertrophic scars.

Silicone gel sheets and hypertrophic scars

Post-surgery scarring is something that cannot be avoided. Silicone gel sheets greatly help the healing of such hypertrophic scars without being an interruption to the patient’s regular life. These sheets are universally recognized and recommend for scar treatment.

Here are some of reasons of using these sheets for scar treatment –

  • Silicone gel sheets have virtually no side effects

  • They are not as invasive as steroid injections, pressure therapy or cryotherapy

  • Their efficacy has been proven by several clinical studies and research projects

  • Silicone gel sheets are up to 90% effective in improving raised, red or dark scars

  • These sheets are re-usable and durable, safe for both children and adults

  • Silicone gel sheets are capable of treating even scars which are supposedly permanent and can help in improving their appearance

Benefits of silicone sheets 

A lot of research has been done to understand the utility and effectiveness of silicone gel sheets and a majority of them have come up with positive findings. These sheets, it has been proved, help reduce excessive collagen production to treat post-surgery scars. They deliver several benefits when applied on incisions and cuts.

The following are some of benefits of silicone gel sheets –

  • These sheets can help prevent excessive growth of scar tissue

  • Once applied, silicone sheets will stop the formation of uneven scars

  • Silicone gel sheets are capable of softening and flattening the scars

  • These sheets have constituent ingredients that help minimize the red or purple tinge of the scar and give them a color that matches the skin

  • Silicone gel sheets not only help reduce scar size but also significantly reduce their appearance

  • They also enhance the elasticity of the skin

  • Post-operative patients who apply it on incisions experience less itching and pain

  • Silicone gel sheets have virtually no side effects and are non-invasive

  • These sheets are significantly improve the condition and appearance of even old scars
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