What You Need To Know About Anxiety And Depression


Anxiety and depression are two different things. Anxiety if a feeling, an emotion of being worried, uneasy and nervous about certain things. It’s a healthy response where a feeling of mild anxiety can help a person perform an think better. But there is time when anxiety becomes a disorder when it never goes away for a long period of time or it just happens for no apparent reason. Anxiety is a normal response by the body that might also put you on a fight or flight situation.

Depression is this feeling of sadness and loneliness that you usually feel when something bad happens or something disappointing happens. The level of depression varies from people to people. Depression is a normal thing, a normal emotional response. What is abnormal is if this depression will not go away, like chronic depression that lasts 6 months or more. It’s also a disorder if it would last that long, it’s also noted that people that have this disorder get depressed even for no apparent reason.

Anxiety and depression are normal: Stress or anxiety throughout the life is normal, as humans are capable of showing emotions in various forms like, happy, sad, excited, angry, anxious, depressed and so on. It has been noted that a person has 21 facial expressions. These expressions are sort of signals to other people on what the person is feeling and for other people to react accordingly. Of course, it’s more complicated than that since humans are intelligent beings thus this can be masked most of the time. But if you put facial expressions into perspective, they are sort of the mirror to your emotions.

It’s important to have a support system: People don’t realize but the term support system is actually existent to a person all along. It’s family and friends that help a person cope with his/her anxieties and depression. A not so good support system and environment contributes to progression of anxiety and depression. That is why having a healthy relationship with someone is very crucial to not develop disorders in a general sense.

Why it’s important to talk to someone? Talking to someone is healthy, it’s more than just talking. It’s also about sharing your feelings and having a person that listens to you. This is what it’s all about. Having the ability of sharing makes you healthy because you’re releasing the emotions that are binding you and are burdening you. If you don’t have someone to share it with then find someone who can. If you ever feel like you had been anxious or depressed for so long even for no apparent reason that you start to feel any of these emotions, then it’s time to seek help.

Anxiety and depressions are two different things. But both can develop into a disorder if not treated or prevented. These disorders are pretty serious as it can lead to mental disorders and some even commit suicide because of it. Wat is important for people that are experiencing these types of things is that someone does care and someone will care, as long as you open up, as long as you acknowledge that you need help.

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