What To Expect During COVID-19 Testing?


Have you had your Covid test yet? With the rise of COVID-19 infections, testing is the only way to determine if you are safe. It will help you take the right precautions, but it’s also essential in protecting your loved ones. Accuracy and efficiency are critical when having these tests. The laboratory services Otsego, MN specialists at GatherWell COVID Testing, guarantee fast and accurate results for COVID-19. They offer all types of testing as you wait to enhance safety. Here we look at the available testing options.

What are the available COVID-19 lab tests?

At GatherWell COVID Testing, you can ensure precise and immediate results. You only need to schedule your appointment, and after 15 minutes, your results are ready.

The laboratory has among the best testing equipment as approved by the Minnesota Department of Health. The high-tech allows them to conduct the most accurate and prompt COVID-19 testing.

How to go about your COVID-19 test at GatherWell COVID Testing?

  • The first step involves booking your appointment online or by calling their offices.
  • Then attend your consultation as scheduled
  • Queue as you head to the swabbing tent
  • Continue to pull forward as you wait in the vehicle for swabbing
  • You will get your results a few minutes after swabbing
  • Use the information to manage your life

What to expect during the lab tests for COVID-19?

You must follow the set regulations when you arrive at GatherWell COVID-19 Testing. You stay in your car the whole time.

Your lab staff inserts a shallow nasal swab into the nose and twists it around the nostrils to get the specimen. Your provider guides you on how to get your results. For antibody and antigen testing, the results are ready within 15 minutes.

PCR testing may take about 24 to 48 hours to get the test results.

The COVID-19 testing process is fast, uncomplicated, and compensated by most insurance companies.

What is group testing?

Group testing at GatherWell COVID Testing aims to protect the community by providing exact information.

Events and gatherings with many people are a good breakout point for COVID-19. Group testing prevents the spread of the disease among individuals. It involves up to 100 tests per hour.

Group testing is available for all groups of people, including on-site employees, events, and conferences, among others. You can also have a group test for your family when traveling.

What happens during group testing? The practice comes up with mobile lab units that allow testing of multiple individuals while maintaining the social distance.

How accurate are COVID-19 lab tests?

Usually, the tests may not be 100% precise—the key factor in determining whether you have COVID-19. When deciding on the right test to take, you might want to consider the following;

  • Your symptoms
  • Reason for testing
  • Exposure

GatherWell provides the highest quality lab testing for COVID-19. They offer both antigen and antibody testing and PCR testing. Better safe than sorry. Get your COVID-19 test today to protect yourself and your loved ones. Contact GatherWell COVID Testing today to book your appointment.

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