What can you Expect from the Varicose Vein Treatment?


The human tendency of unknown can make anyone nervous. We completely apprehend your feelings for your upcoming Varicose Vein treatment.

Varicose veins are appeared to be swollen and even painful at times. Having an overview about the treatment gives the patient a better understanding about the procedure and the recovery.

Let’s have a look at what can you expect from your Varicose Veins treatment and how the treatment from veintreatmentclinic.com will help you get rid of the problem.

The Day of the Procedure

    • Follow your regular routine as you do every day before leaving for the Varicose Treatment Center
    • Make sure you wear comfortable and loose clothes on the day of the treatment procedure
  • Don’t forget to take your prescribed medications on time (we hope you have discussed about them in advance with your doctor!)
  • You will be required to wear knee length tight stockings of 20-30 mm Hg to support your legs. Even the bandage might feel somewhat bulky; therefore you were requested to wear loose pants. You might require to wear it for a week or so as advise by your doctor
  • You will be given pain killers hence bring someone to drive you back home safely


  • This is the part of treatment in which you will be brought into the hospital procedure room
  • Many a time’s people tend to feel nervous at the sight of the hospital itself. Therefore a sedative is given to the patient to make him feel relaxed.
  • Medicine such as Valium is commonly given in this procedure
  • Generally sedation is avoided in varicose veins treatment but it is given only to relax the patient


  • The doctor shall ask you to change into hospital’s patient attire.
  • The affected area will be cleaned by the nurse by a sterile solution. Once it is done the treatment is started
  • In Sclerotherapy, the injections are given directly into the affected veins will block the blood circulation through them and reroutes it them through healthier veins.
  • During ambulatory phlebectomy and ablation procedures, anesthesia is injected in the targeted veins
  • It is natural to get a burning sensation after the injection but that is completely normal

After Treatment

  • Once the varicose vein treatment is completed, the doctor at the varicose vein clinic shall clean the treated area and then apply required bandages and compression cocking will be put on the legs of the patient
  • It is mandatory to wear the stockings for complete two days. After the completion of second day the patient can remove the stockings and bandages after confirming with the doctor
  • Avoid any type of rigorous exercises like weight lifting, aerobics and hiking for at least some more days
  • The red marks and burning sensation will subsidize within a week from the treatment

The professionals at veintreatmentclinic.com are here to take proper care of the patients and provide desired treatment so that the patients can get relief from the pain and sufferings and enjoy life again with normal and healthy legs.

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