Tips To Boost Your Conception Chances


Has your conception journey been challenging, with little or no results? What have you done to improve the chances of getting pregnant? Understanding the reason behind failed attempts is the starting point for most people. South Charleston fertility evaluation can help you uncover the reason behind your conception problem, which, surprisingly but not unusual, could also be nothing to do with your reproductive system.

Your reproductive health is not simply the absence of an illness. It includes your overall mental and physical wellness. When trying to conceive, you may have to look beyond the presence or absence of a reproductive condition. Here are straightforward tips to help boost your chances of getting pregnant.

It is in the basics

Do you remember those high school health lessons? You may be blaming your teacher who made it seem like anytime you have sex, you can conceive. While true, sex alone is not enough to get pregnant. You need to do it right and at the right time to increase your chances. It is a numbers game; first, track your cycles. Regular cycles are easy to follow. If they are irregular, measures like basal body temperature, ovulation predictor kit, observing cervical mucus changes, or follicular monitoring, can help.

Once you have pinpointed the ovulation and fertile window, have as much sex as possible. Sex before and during ovulation increases fertilization chances. The sperm cells are in the fallopian tube and can survive and remain viable for five days. This means they are ready to meet the egg once it is released, easing fertilization.

While easily overlooked, sex position and pleasure could also impact the conception chances. Lubrication is the key consideration. If you are using lubrication products, they might decrease the viability and motility of the sperm. For example, saliva and products containing olive oil could improve sexual pleasure. However, they can interfere with the sperms, lowering your conception chances.

Healthy exercise and diet

How often do you exercise, and what is in your diet regimen? A healthy body equals a healthy pregnancy, and it also impacts your conception chances. Weight, for example, can affect the process. Excessive body fat can lead to more estrogen production, interfering with ovulation. If you are underweight, you might experience irregular cycles, or even worse, ovulation could stop. Proper physical exercise helps in weight management. This improves conception and healthy pregnancy chances. Nonetheless, know the limits; strenuous workouts could cause menstrual disturbances.

As you tailor a pregnancy diet, consider foods that prepare your body for the pregnancy. This includes food items that deliver adequate critical nutrients, including iron, calcium, and proteins. Prenatal vitamin supplements are common. They help prevent congenital disabilities, especially in the brain and the spine. Nonetheless, this should not be the only dieting measure. Eating healthy helps balance your body, improving your chances of getting pregnant and carrying to term.

Your lifestyle

Do you drink or smoke? How much caffeine do you take in a day? Smoking, for example, ages your ovaries. This could lead to premature depletion, leading to the problem of getting pregnant. Revising your lifestyle could help uncover poor habits and improve your conception chances.

Knowing when to seek help is also essential as you try to get pregnant. Your age, chronic conditions, history of miscarriages, or other issues like ectopic pregnancy, to mention a few, can be worrying. With professional help, you can navigate such complexities, boost your chances of getting pregnant, and manage the pregnancy. Visit Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. today, learn more about your reproductive health, and give your conception journey a boost.

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