The use of steroids in sports; why it is so important?


Since past few years we have been hearing that how sport have been deeply affected by the regular usage of drugs and steroids. Steroids initially were invented to cure dangerous diseases such as AIDs and cancer in 1930s. However, the qualities and the effects it contain grasp people attention and soon it became the most wanted drug for everyone.

In 1970s steroids were first time brought in sports by some athletes to try out how it can affect the overall structure of sports. But then it happened what is still destroying our sports, steroids abuse. During the year 1980s, athletes started to abuse steroids for which about 10 athletes were suspended from taking part in any competition.

Steroids and its uses in Medicines

Clenbuterol steroids or in other term anabolic-androgenic steroids are the drugs which are synthetic duplicate of the natural hormones or testosterone present in human body. They pursue the abilities to increase lean mass in the body simultaneously increasing the strength and power as well. These steroids are commonly known as performance enhancing drugs which normally increase the ability to work out or perform for much longer than usual. That is why steroids are highly used in sports. But the question is that is it really necessary? Cant sports be played without it?

Necessity of steroids in sports

As we have analyzed the definition and the capabilities steroids inherit to offer to our body, we can imagine why it is brought up in sports so much. The important benefit steroid have is that it increases the speed of recovery of any injury due to its ability to increase hormones and provide strength to the body. In sports without any injuries there is no success and sometimes injuries have such a powerful impact on the body that it take whole life time period to recover.

Moreover, Steroids are also known as performance enhancing drugs which allows sportsmen to get competitive advantage over other athletes. Steroids give you enough strength to perform for much longer with normally the same enthusiasm. Similarly for sportswomen, steroids have become much common these days. In women, we can find lesser hormones than in men that mean utilizing small amount of steroid can give comparatively more benefit.

As a sportsman you would always want to have greater edge over your opponent in every mean to achieve more fame, victory and advantage. When it comes to competition, intensity can be seen with extra energy and desire to win. Therefore, performance enhancing drugs are considered that advantage for athletes which could sail them to victory with much ease.

Then why it is considered as cheating??

Well, you have probably heard that utilize what you have in limits. When it goes out of limits then it possess much more than it does. Similarly with steroids, if use in a limit then it will give no harms to your body. However, high doses of these drugs can be very dangerous. In sports, usage of steroids is nowadays considered as unfair. Many athletes argue that sport is the game of your own personal strength which you have got naturally not artificially. Moreover, high doses of steroid increase anxiety levels and depression which cause negativity in sports. Small children learn from their idols but when their ideals walk on the wrong track than you can imagine what will children learn from their footsteps.

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