The Real Deal with Casein Protein Powder and Why People Are Using It


Protein is essential for bodybuilders as it helps them build muscles quickly. It is with proteins that offer the human body all the vital amino acids which serve as building blocks to work with the formation of new muscles. But of course, not all dietary proteins work equally as each has varieties of functions. Proteins that are found in milk are whey and casein.

Many might be using whey protein but a lot of bodybuilders are already using casein protein powder. Some even mix them together. It is because of the powder’s aspect which makes it a great bodybuilding formulation. To know more about this impressive type of protein, here is an article which can help you with that.

How Casein Protein Works

Casein protein comes from cow’s milk which is the same to that of whey. It holds 80% of total protein content found in milk while the other 20% is constituting whey. Casein is insoluble. It is that specific solid protein you can find in milk.

Aside from being used as a supplement, casein also offers the great ability to gel which makes it known as a filler, a binder, and a part of the creation of cheese. Also, casein’s gel-power makes it the best component that is used in glues and plastics.

When casein gel hits the stomach acid during digestion, that then reduces the rate of digestion which allows slower and steadier release of amino acids. This means that muscles will drop food for a longer period of time. It is with slow digestion which makes casein protein powder work beneficially. This is because when it reduces the breakdown of protein and the oxidation of amino acids, those are then burned for energy. Casein also increases the feeling of fullness which is great when you do not want to go hungry fast.

Casein Benefits

There are valuable reasons why you need to add casein protein to your regimen. This is because:

o   It provides greater gains.

Many people are already looking for the best casein protein because they want to have more gains. Researchers have already tried working with men who performed heavy resistance training. Those who have consumed casein and whey together have more gains compared to those individuals who use the combination of BCAAs, whey, and glutamine.

o   It offers greater strength.

It is known that casein doubles its effect on your chest, legs, and shoulders.

o   It lasts longer.

Each type of protein offers unique advantages. This is where casein works best as its strength is timing. It has the ability to provide a slow and steady flow of amino acids which could typically last for hours. This is why your muscles are built overnight, especially when you drink casein before going to bed.

o   It improves metabolic rate.

The faster your metabolic rate is, the speedier it is to lose fat and grow muscles. This makes casein an outstanding bodybuilding supplement as it betters your fat balance and boosts metabolic rate even if you are sleeping.


Casein as being a slow release protein offers great benefits. This is because of how prodigious its timing is. Even when you are sleeping, the supplement still works long hours in the system, which provides you greater gains and strength.

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