The Benefits of Salt Therapy


Salt therapy is a unique and progressive holistic therapy that treats chronic and viral affections that affect respiratory, dermatological, emotional, metabolic disorders in a symptomatic and non-invasive way. The therapeutic goodness of salt, which is centuries old, has been well studied and skillfully documented from a medical point of view. In today’s world, it is halotherapy (invented from the Greek word “Halo”, which means “salt”) or “Salt treatment”, and enjoys a praiseworthy state. The caves and salt mines, which are their origin, are recreated functionally in various health and rehabilitation centers, tourist complexes, motels, hotels, etc. This therapy is a convenient and affordable method to treat respiratory, bronchial and allergic conditions in a cozy and spa-like environment. . The whole process contributes to the induction of relaxation, relaxation, calm and stress relief in a healing environment over music. In the case of children, it is more fun, giving them toys and giving them freedom of movement with all the goodness of healing physical, mental and emotional disorders in a safe and drug-free way. There is no risk of overdose, ever!

It is trusted that it goes hand in hand with regular medical attention at the same time. The long-term benefits are multiple to prevent, rehabilitate and create immunity.

The clinical studies also showed long-term positive results in:

  1. Regulation and maintenance of body water, alkaline / acidity, blood pressure.
  2. Lower propensity to kidney and gall stones.
  3. Reduce the cravings that result in addiction, for example. In the case of tobacco use, smoking.
  4. Activation of the kidneys with the release of excess acidity.
  5. Even the prevention and treatment of cancer or the regeneration of the skin.

It is even better to discover that almost all ages, six months ago, can benefit from Salt Room Therapy. Allergies, including E.N.T. The problems are due to the salt treatment. This is too much salt, which is good for everyone, well known. However, in this case, it can not take salt, so it does not represent a health hazard.

It involves breathing concentrated micro-saline aerosols that evaporate and circulate in filtered and ventilated air, supported, if desired, in a sterile, comfortable and therapeutic environment. Although they are of a different size, these tiny particles negatively ionize and activate movement to reach the inner nuclei of the corridors and assume the role of expectorant to sustain and weaken the persistent mucus to eliminate and attack the nesting inflammation and any harmful bacteria. . and clean the system. At the same time, they work throughout the body to initiate the healing process in skin diseases or allergies, reduce inflammation and regulate mineral balance in the body from the salt therapy benefits.


Each session lasts 45 minutes. In chronic situations, 12-25 sessions for 4-8 weeks and for viral and sporadic diseases, 3-8 sessions for 1-2 weeks begins a process of useful immune strengthening, which reduces the dependence on prescription drugs and the side effects that accompany them. Last, but not least, it provides you with a quieter sleep, which makes the ball roll for physical, mental and emotional well-being with all the goodness of a natural treatment and without the hidden side effects just around the corner .

Salt therapy is a unique and progressive holistic therapy that treats chronic and viral affections

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