Teeth Whitening: Is It Good for You


Do you want to win thousand hearts with your thousand-dollar smile? Then you must have taken your teeth to be appearing the most appealing and white. Teeth whitening has been a popular service that most of the dental practices offer. But hey, give it a thought, if it is good for you? Read on to check the pros and cons of teeth whitening.

Today there are numerous products, technologies and resources available around that can assure your teeth would get instantly whitened. While talking to an experienced dentist of Mt Gravatt Dental, about the pros and cons of Teeth Whitening options, we came to know a lot about this cosmetic treatment. Here I have jotted down the information that can either refrain you from giving it a try or help in taking up the plunge. In my opinion to be on the safe side you should ask about your best options from your trusted local family dentist.

The Pros

The entire concept of teeth whitening emerged just to boost up the self-esteem. Having a set of slightly off-white teeth is normal for most of us, but in some cases, there could be a conspicuous discoloration as an effect of numerous factors and even show a sign of deteriorated dental health. For them, getting teeth whitening treatment done goes beyond the cosmetic value addressing the dental illness that is causing this rare dental condition. Here are the ways you can whiten your teeth.

A Customized Home Kit

Getting a customized home kit can be one of the most easier and popular ways. It is so, because this is a gel which you can apply as per your need. The frequency of its application is entirely dependent upon the necessity, just like applying any make up on your skin. The effect is instant and temporary. This would best suit in some occasions, where you need to pep p your smile and get up a little more than the usual days.

In-Chair Whitening Treatment

The other options of teeth whitening are the use of in-chair whitening technology, It is an effective whitening method that provides the quickest and most time-efficient system for most of the people. But there are some stains that cannot be removed with in-chair teeth whitening and you need to consult with a tooth whitening dentist to see if this treatment is suitable for you.

Dental Care

For those who need a long-lasting whitening effect on their teeth should always visit a dentist. As the dentist would be able to diagnose your dental health, he can take the necessary actions involved with this treatment.

The Cons

Though teeth whitening is done to bring all white bright smiles, an incorrect and over usage can snatch away the smile. Here are the most common dangers that are observed in many teeth whitening cases.

Harmful Whitening Products

Some illegal whitening products in the market are made of harmful chemicals that can damage several parts of your mouth and teeth. But if you get your whitening done through a qualified dentist you should be safe.

Oral cavity

This is another side effect of using some illegal and abrasive products as they scrub off the enamel of the teeth making them more prone to further decay and damage. Always consult with a professional tooth whitening clinician and avoid using random products.

Teeth Sensitivity

Too much use of teeth whitening products can lead to teeth sensitivity if it is not used per manufacturer instructions or the instructions provided to you by your dentist.

Ineffective with other Dental Treatment

Moreover, those who have crowns, fillings, or veneers would not get the benefit of whitening as even with the use of whitening products, these things do not get whitened and it is best to do your whitening before the color selection of your dental crown or your dental veneers. It is always best to talk to your trusted dentist about your best options.

Winding Up

So, if you need to smile all the way, you need to find a trusted teeth whitening dentist so that they can help you select the best procedure of teeth whitening that doesn’t do you any harm.

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