Malibu Rehab Reviews – Benefits of Premier Drug Treatment Program at a Luxury Rehab Center


Malibu rehab is a private rehab that offers drug addiction recovery treatment in a luxurious setting. It is located in a secluded real estate that span across several acres. The rehab is situated by the ocean so you can go to the beach in your free time to carry out your favorite beach recreational activities. Malibu rehab offers a lot of luxurious amenities such as man-made lakes, hiking trails, gym, tennis court, swimming pools, and Jacuzzi. You will be assigned a nutritionist that will guide you on how to eat a balanced meal.

In Malibu rehab reviews, Malibu rehab uses treatment methods that are backed by scientific research to treat substance abuse patients. Many luxury rehabs offer dual diagnosis where patients get treated for both physical and mental symptoms for the substance abuse. Many people start taking drugs because of inner problems that start from the mind so addressing the mental disorder will ensure that the patient makes a full recovery.

At public rehab, there are usually very few options of treatment methods to choose from. Private rehab, on the other hand, offers a variety of treatment options such as psychotherapy, art therapy, physical fitness therapy, sound therapy and adventure therapy. Providing a variety of treatment methods is important as not all patients are the same and each has their own unique needs.

The staffs at the rehab are well trained to provide different types of therapy services for drug addict patients. The professional therapists are understanding of the unique circumstances of each patient. The detoxification programs are medically supervised by doctors who have years of experiences in handling patients with all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. They can quickly identify the different types of withdrawal symptoms and they know what type of drug to administer to calm down the patients.

The rehab has a private chef that can cook whatever dishes you want for each of your meals. During meal time, you will sit together on a dining table along with other participants of the drug rehab program. Each person can have their own favorite meal prepared at meal time so not everyone will be eating the same food. A personal trainer is assigned to each participant.

 If you are not used to exercising, the personal trainer will guide you in exercising the correct way. There are lots of hiking trails that allows you to walk around and explore the area while enjoying the serene atmosphere of the beautiful scenery in the surrounding environment. There is a living room area where you can relax on a comfortable sofa and watch television. The living room has a large flat screen television that airs various types of TV programs. There will be some free time in between the programs which you can make use to do your own stuff.

Malibu rehab offers inpatient residential program where patients are required to stay at the rehab for 28 days or more as well as outpatient rehab program where patients will attend treatment sessions in the morning and return back to their homes in the evening. Inpatient residential program offers intensive support for people who have been addicted to drugs for a long time. Outpatient program is designed for those with less serious drug addiction. The length of the program you choose depends on the seriousness of the addiction of the patient.

You will not feel lonely and isolated at the rehab because you will be meeting with many other people who are going through the same addiction problem as you. You can share your background and drug addiction experience with others to get some insights. There is a sufficient number of staff to ensure that the patients get a comprehensive care. Malibu rehab provides aftercare services that follow up on the progress of the patients after they have left the facility. The counselor will work with the patient on a one-on-one basis to create a personalized aftercare program for the patients.

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