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Fertility clinics have performed thousands of egg donation cycles and each one is a unique experience for all participants. The process is really not as complicated as people might think. Egg donation is one process by which a woman donates her eggs to another woman enabling her to conceivethrough in vitro fertilization. The egg donation process typically involvesassisted reproductive technology, with the eggs being fertilized in labs. Rarely the unfertilized eggs might be frozen and store for future use. Knowing important things about it evacuates our mind with valuable information. Learn more things about it using the best egg donation site available online.

Egg donation is termed as one form of third party reproduction and as a part of ART (assisted reproductive technology). However, there are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled for becoming an egg donor. Top egg donation agencies pride themselves on having a diverse range of women who are available to donate their eggs. Theyseek out candidates who are intelligent, creative and charismatic along with ethnically and culturally diverse. These candidates with exceptional passion and drive stand out and are highly sought after across the world.

Process of egg donation

As soon as thescreening and admission process is complete, the profile of thedonor applicant get placed online for intended parents tobrowse easily. The process for becoming an egg donor generally includes the following,

  • You get selected by the intended parents and the time frame of the process varies
  • You will have to complete a genetic and psychological screening within the two weeks of the selection
  • You will have to complete the medical screening within the three or four weeks of the selection
  • You will have to complete legal contracts within the four or six weeks of the selection
  • You will also have to complete the medical protocol and the egg retrieval within the three-four months of the selection.

Hope the above mentioned tips helps you in gathering some important facts about egg donation. When a couple decides on using donor eggs, they can view a prescreened pool of online egg donors and then select a candidate from the pool. When a recipient decides on moving forward with the specific donor they will begin the legal and financial steps to proceed. The coordinator contacts the egg donor for confirming their availability. If the egg donor is available during the recipient’s desired time frame and passes the FDA testing rounds, the official match for egg donationis made. You can visit the website online for more details on this subject. Though there are plenty of sites available online, be careful with the devastating things. Be selective in knowing things related to the surrogacy treatment.

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