In-Office Teeth Whitening Top Advantages


How dazzling is your smile? Among the aspects that can ruin your smile is teeth discoloration. You have a practical oral care regimen, including brushing at least twice, flossing, and using an oral rinse. Nonetheless, this might not be enough to keep your teeth white. You may need professional help, and with in-office San Ramon Teeth Whitening, you can easily spot a bright and healthy smile. Among the top reasons to consider in-office teeth whitening include:


Store-bought teeth whitening products can be effective. You can even visit your dentist for recommendations or take-home whitening trays. Nonetheless, the approach is not always effective. You could fail to follow certain steps as directed. You could even overdo it hoping to speed up the process and get brighter teeth.

A significant pitfall with at-home whitening is the increased risk of damaging your teeth’s enamel. You can weaken the enamel, exposing you to risks, including crack and infections. An in-office teeth whitening eliminates such risks. The experienced and skilled mix the right bleaching gel amount, ensuring the process is safe, efficient, and effective.


Your schedule is demanding enough, leaving you with little time to manage teeth whitening tasks effectively. This is more since, unlike in-office whitening, which can only take a session, the at-home process takes longer and requires daily application. This can take a toll on your progress, especially if you are not noticing any changes. You could even give up on the process just when the results started to kick in, an inconvenience that can be costly in the long run.

Faster results

Are you considering teeth whitening as you prepare for an upcoming event? Store-bought solutions may not offer effective results within the short window on your hands. In-office tooth whitening offers immediate results. After the session, you will walk out with a whiter and dazzling smile.

Moreover, since experienced professionals can customize the process to your specific situation, you will realize better and lasting results. They thoroughly remove the stubborn stains, leaving you with whiter and cleaner teeth. Faster and more effective results mean you won’t keep working on stains, saving you more time and worrying about a ruined smile.


With in-office teeth whitening, you enjoy customized procedures following your situation. You won’t be using a one-size-fits-all approach which does not always deliver the best results. This is since discoloration cause and extent are different. With the customized in-office procedure, you will realize faster and longer-lasting results. This saves you more time and money since you won’t keep buying multiple products to get the desired results. A store-bought product may seem cheap considering the price tag, but in the long run, it costs you more than in-office whitening.

Teeth whitening can help you regain your self-esteem as you can broadly smile. With in-office cleaning and whitening, you also get to improve your oral health as the professionals help you deal with hard-to-clean stains and plaque. Visit San Ramon Dental Excellence today for all your oral care needs.

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