How To Manage Migraine Pain: 4 Things To Try


Is the lighting suddenly bothering you? Are surrounding sounds causing your head to throb? Migraine pain is harsh, sometimes incapacitating people for days. The temple pounds, the eyes hurt and the stomach may feel off. Once one begins, it becomes hard to concentrate and function. To gain back control, try the following four methods.

Adjust Your Environment

When you feel a migraine starting, seek out a dark room. The light may be making the situation worse. Turn down the temperature, and grab a damp, cold cloth or eye compress. The goal is to alleviate the aggravated nerves as much as possible.

Exercise Frequently

Your mental state may influence the severity of the migraine, so concentrate on remaining calm. Exercise may help in this area. When you work out, your body emits chemicals that may assist in mitigating anxiety and depression. Yoga also encourages deeper breathing as well as stretching, which could reduce excess tension. In general, allow your body to release stress and feel at peace.

Receive Botox injections

See a doctor if your efforts aren’t working at home. Several medications may reduce the aggravation and allow you to live your life more. Specialists in pain management Orange Park FL may use a medicine known as Botox to bring your relief. The chemical fights the pain signals in your brain, hopefully providing a respite from intense headaches.

Evaluate Your Diet

Dehydration and certain foods could kickstart a migraine; therefore, set a goal to eat consistently and hydrate well. Skip the junk food, and choose clean, whole foods instead. Also, be aware of whether your body is reacting to particular things. Some people, for example, experience trouble after drinking alcohol or eating chocolate. Keep a food journal for a couple of days. Note how you feel, and look for patterns.

Focus on Sleep

It’s time to really devote some energy to how you sleep at night. The body resets during your rest, permitting it to heal and regenerate. Without that time, your body could react quickly to a migraine. Establish a routine for yourself.

Give yourself a bedtime, sticking to it as often as possible. Wake up regularly too. The body works in a cycle, and this consistently may help. Avoid long naps, and reduce bedroom stimuli. Turn off the television at least an hour before your go to sleep. Read a book, complete relaxing stretches or perform quiet activities.

Avoid suffering. Speak with professionals about your health concerns. Together, create a plan to feel good again.

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