How to Choose the Right Therapy Treatment


There are numerous self-help manuals when it comes to fighting depression and anxiety. However, the two most common ways to cope with depression and anxiety are psychotherapy and drug therapy. Ellen Starr therapy Toronto can help you choose the right treatment for you.

There are numerous types of psychotherapy to successfully treat these conditions such as – cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytical method and many others. Psychotherapeutic treatments are usually safe, but involve discussion and reflection on the events that can be painful and may contribute to making you feel worse than before. On the other hand, psychotherapy is a process that can bring great benefits – in addition to eliminating the symptoms of depression, it can radically change your way of looking at the world. It is very important that you have confidence in your therapist and that before starting treatment to make sure your therapist has the necessary training for the job.

In some cases, your therapist may recommend drug treatment from the group of antidepressants. These drugs do not serve to calm you down, although they may help you to be less tense and nervous. They can help you feel better and to better cope with your feelings and problems that have contributed to a bad mood. Although there is still a debate over the efficacy of antidepressants, studies consistently show that they are most effective in cases of severe depression. It should be borne in mind that their action starts after two to three weeks of regular intake, and that antidepressants, like all other drugs, have certain side effect.

What treatment is the right for me?

In cases of mild to moderate depression, it is likely that the drug treatment is not required, since psychotherapy is effective in the treatment of depression. However, if depression takes a long time or significantly complicates the operation, antidepressants may be used in combination with psychotherapy.

Recent studies show that antidepressants and psychotherapy are equally effective in overcoming the problems people face, although it is not unusual for psychiatrists to believe that drugs are more effective. There are persons who prefer psychotherapy and those who prefer to take drugs. Personal preference is an important issue in the selection of appropriate treatment.

How to help someone who is depressed?

Listen to them carefully! This may seem easy, but in practice it is often not the case. You may need to hear the same thing several times. It is usually best not to offer advice unless it is required, even in situations where you have the obvious solution.
Just spend time with someone who is depressed. Encourage the person to talk.
Someone who is depressed may find it difficult to believe that he/ she can be better. You can encourage them patiently and carefully.
Make sure they do not consume alcohol or marijuana.
If you notice that the conditions worsen, the person is talking about how he/ she does not want to live, do not take this as a joke. Make sure to talk about it with your doctor or therapist.

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