How Did Pornography Enter Our Society


Pornography is not a very big thing in today’s world. Though the actual videos and graphics are still being viewed in a hidden way, but there are many movies and shows where softcore porn is highlighted without any issue. But the story was not the same a few years back.

If talked about the 70s, television shows still displayed bathroom scenes where the actor or the actress did get ready or brushing their teeth. But one thing to notice was that the toilet was not displayed in the bathrooms. This is because in those times, even showing a toilet seat was held to be something tacky and bad. But now displaying a love making scene is a part of almost every movie.

Onset Of The Term Pornography

The word ‘pornography’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘porni’ that actually means prostitute, and ‘graphein’ means to write. This means that in actual it was a literary form where the story or lifestyle of prostitutes was depicted.

Not just Greek, but the traces of sexual depiction have also been found in Indian culture. The caves of Khajuraho in India are known to be the best artistic illustrations of sexual depiction. So, if talked about the truth about pornography, it can be said that the concept is not new but the way of depicting it has got a new form.

Development Of Pornography

It was during the period of the 1500s, when the first introduction of pornography was witnessed through print media. This was the starting when media started getting positive response from many of the viewers and this publication kept on continuing. Soon after the invention of compatible disks, the videos started being filmed. This was the actual starting period when the pornography market took hold of. Here it has to be understood that movies and television shows still did not have the courage to talk much about such things in open.

Slowly, it is during the 80s when sex related topics started trending in movies and television shows that kept on increasing. Now using the term or creating a love making story is not a big deal. The rising demand of such videos gave rise to the introduction of much higher graded videos that were by now getting trended in the internet in the mid of the 90s.

Till 1982, the pornography videos were being shot using low and cheap videotapes because the hesitation factor was still there. But when HD quality was being introduced, many of the releasing house stopped taking low quality videos and hence the videos also started getting picturised in high quality. This was the time of fantasy when people invested time in watching such videos. But the emotions finally changed with the changed video themes. The fantasy has been changed to vulgarity to a very high extent and hence the possibilities of people getting addicted to it have also increased.

Pornography is not a new term in the society, but yes the way how it is being depicted now has of course changed. The truth about pornography is that initially it was all about fantasies and erotic thoughts, now it is a mixture of vulgarity that has impacted the society in a negative way also.

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