Functional Nose Surgery


The difference between Functional Nose Surgery and Cosmetic Nose Surgery is simple. Functional is the name for nose surgery that is needed to restore the nose due to physical damage caused by accidents, birth defects, nasal ingestion’s of illegal drugs and diseases such as cancer.

Functional Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) can restore skin, rebuild individual nasal passages and clear blockages.

Automobile accidents are the major cause of severe nasal damage that requires the need for functional nose surgery. Car accidents can shatter and break the nose bone, destroy surface skin, or tear the cartilage from the bone bridge of the nose. Today’s advancements in nose surgery is able to reconstruct each of these conditions with remarkable success. Skin, cartilage and bone grafts from the victim’s body are now being used to reconstruct the nose. Though synthetic implants can be used the melding of parts of other areas of the body greatly decreases the risk of infections and rejection.

The birth defect known as a “cleft pallet” has benefited greatly from the developments in nose surgery. A cleft pallet is a distorted growth of the pallet and nasal area and skin. Treatment for this condition incorporates cartilage grafts, laser treatments and extensive rebuilding of individual nasal passages.

W.C. Fields nose was not just a trade mark it was a disease affecting the nose known as Rhynophyma. This disease specifically attacks the tip of the nose causing an enlarged thickening of skin that makes it large, red and pocked marked with acne type surface. Though antibiotics can slow the growth of this disease the best treatment is too remove the thickened skin. Laser is used in this procedure.

Plastic surgery is not just about cosmetic upgrades. People all over the world are benefiting from the advancements made in this field of medicine. Faces are being rebuilt, giving the victims of these accidents and diseases – hope. The best part is that they are not expensive and a simple payday loan can cover for your surgery.

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