Four Reasons A Vasectomy Might Be Right For You


If you are considering undergoing a vasectomy, you must take this decision seriously. Male sterilization may or may not be the best option for you. You must take your time considering a lot of factors when you determine if vasectomy is perfect for you. If you are sure about giving up your fertility, there are many good reasons to undergo the procedure. A Vasectomy Doctor can explain the pros and cons of vasectomy and why it might be right for you. They use sophisticated tools and treatments for addressing problems that impact the male reproductive system and the urinary tract. A vasectomy prevents sperm release. Keep reading to know why you may want to consider this procedure:

It is a Highly Effective Birth Control Method

When it comes to birth control, vasectomy is found to be more effective than birth control pills and condoms. Indeed, those who undergo this procedure have less than one percent chance of getting their partner pregnant. If you are ready to give up your chances of having another child, then a vasectomy might be perfect for you.

It Involves Minimal Risks

Every medical procedure carries some risks. However, a vasectomy is a straightforward procedure that comes with a very small chance of complications such as pain and bleeding. Thus, the fear associated with other medical procedures should not be felt when you consider a vasectomy. Typically, the procedure lasts less than thirty minutes. Also, a vasectomy does not change your testosterone levels or libido. Although your doctor may ask you to avoid strenuous activities for around a week, you may be able to return to light activity within one or two days.

It is Convenient

After you have the procedure done and your doctor says your semen no longer has sperm, you don’t have to worry about preventing pregnancy for good. You won’t need to go to the pharmacy or put something in place before sex.

It Does Not Alter Functionality

During a vasectomy, your doctor will cut a tiny sperm-carrying tube. After the procedure, sperm can still be produced and all functions stay unaffected. Again, the procedure does not affect your hormones and the only change it makes is preventing sperm release during ejaculation.

With vasectomy, you and your partner can have peace of mind. Whether you have kids and do not want to have more or you have no plans on having kids at all, you can permanently say goodbye to your fertility when you undergo a vasectomy. 

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