Everything About A Mercury Free Dentist


A mercury free, holistic or biological dentist is one who utilizes natural treatment methods and procedures for the purpose of providing dental care. These dentists are different from traditional dentists because they follow a biological or holistic approach to treatment and abstain from using chemical ingredients such as mercury and fluoride. The unique thing about these dentists is that it’s not just the issues of oral health that are a concern for them. They take into account the overall health of the individuals because they wish to prevent the problems from recurring in the future and address a variety of aspects such as the diet, lifestyle and nutrition of individuals.

A mercury free dentist not only considers the previous dental treatments that have been rendered, but also insist upon the removal of amalgam or mercury fillings because they are aware that mercury is a very dangerous toxin that can have negative impacts on the body if it gains entrance. However, there is a common misconception amongst people that a mercury free or holistic dentist is not as effective as a traditional dentist. It is the opinion of people that a conventional western dentist will be able to provide better treatment. This is not true as both types of dentists are required to receive the same level of education and training.

The only difference between the two is that mercury free or biological dentists study some other subjects related to alternative medicine such as homeopathy, hypnosis, reflexology and acupuncture. The dentist following this mercury free approach believes that oral health and overall body health are connected. Therefore, they prefer to use a natural approach for dealing with dental issues rather than using the invasive methods such as root canal therapy that are an important aspect of conventional dentistry. These dentists spend time in discovering and identifying the reason for the decline in oral health and study factors like lifestyle and diet for this purpose.

Diet is important because minerals like phosphorus, boron and zinc are needed by the teeth and oral health suffers when there is lack of nutrition. A mercury free dentist corrects the diet with proper guidance and avoids using invasive procedures for treatment as they cause pain and discomfort to the patients. In fact, they go to lengths to ensure that the patients are as comfortable as possible. For instance, some dentists provide their patients with a foot massage while performing a procedure in their mouth to help them in relaxing and keeping their mind off it.

As these dentists take extra measures to relieve the stress of their patients, people prefer to go to them instead of traditional dentists. Moreover, in contrast to conventional dentistry, holistic or mercury free dentistry doesn’t pose any risk for the health of patients. A wide array of methods and procedures are implemented and some holistic processes are also combined with conventional ones to get better results. The same kinds of treatments are provided by these dentists, the only difference being that visiting a mercury free dentist is much safer and healthier for people.

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