Different Kinds of Dental Root Canal Treatments


It’s not possible to predict when you will face a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can seriously put you in an awful situation that needs a quick visit with an emergency dentist. According to the intensity of conditions and many other factors, you will have various rental traumas, including dental infection, cracked teeth, etc. As science develops almost in every field, including dentistry, people’s awareness significantly increases about dental treatments. But still, many people are afraid of root canal treatment and its severe pain. Fortunately, this problem is solved with the help of high-technology dental equipment and dentists’ knowledge. As a professional dentist of emergency root canal in Toronto states, this dental treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent severe dental problems, which are probable if the intended tooth is left untreated. After your dentist’s first necessary dental check-up, he recommends the most suitable type of root canal treatment. Depends on patients’ situations, they may need different kinds of root canal treatment. If you are fascinated by obtaining information about this treatment, this article can be a great help!

Non-surgical root canal treatment: this sort of treatment can be appropriate for those suffering from severe dental infections or cavities. If regular dental fillings can’t treat your dental holes, you may need this kind of root canal treatment. Your dentist will remove the inner nerve of your natural dental root to treat your dental trauma.

Secondary root canal treatment: it’s possible that your dental trauma had not to be treated by a non-surgical one. In these cases, you require to have the second step to cure your dental discomfort.

Apicoectomy: it’s a microsurgical process that is used when the previous two solutions didn’t continue well and you didn’t receive the desired result. In this case, the dental infection placed in your jawbone probably wasn’t removed. Your dentist will apply some local anesthesia to the intended areas to make you completely numb. This step is essential to lessen the pain to the minimum amount. Your dentist will remove the tip of your dental root canal; then, he will use unique materials to fill your dental canal. This root canal treatment is necessary when non-surgical and secondary ones can’t treat you.

Pulpotomy treatment: it’s common for children with dental emergencies who need root canal treatment. The dentist will remove the dental nerve and pulp from the dental crown. The natural and healthy pulp which is placed in the dental root will remain intact.

Pulpectomy treatment: unlike pulpotomy treatment, pulpectomy is necessary when the whole dental pulp, including the one placed in the root canal, should be removed. This kind of treatment is used when your child’s tooth is affected by severe dental infections or cavities, which pulpotomy treatment can’t save.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that you need to visit an excellent emergency dentist before taking action. Your dental situation will be checked, and you can discuss the best treating way with your dentist, which can significantly help you!

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