Choose Your Oral Surgeon Carefully For Good Results


According to 2003 WHO (World Health Organization) report, the changing lifestyle of the people around the world is largely contributing to the poor oral health. People now consume more alcohol than before and foods that are rich sugar. Besides, they have also become prone to tobacco. To make the matter worst here, the cost of the basic oral care has shot up in some of the most industrialized countries in the world. As a matter of fact, low and middle-income group people living there find hardship to visit an oral surgeon in time.

All those put together indicates that the choice of a good oral surgeon like John-Michael Stewart Oral in the US has become very important.

Steps to follow for choosing an oral surgeon for good results:

  • Talking to your dentist: This should be the very first step towards making a choice on the oral surgeons. Having said that, we mean, when you ask your dentist for a recommendation on the oral surgeon’s, your dentist would probably suggest one who would be the best fit for your job. After all, an oral surgeon must have a lot of hands-on expertise and experience with a view to delivering results bespoke to your need. Only your dentist understands this better. For instance, some surgeons may be exceptionally good in dental implants while some may be expert in teeth removal.
  • Listing of oral surgeons: If your dentist doesn’t recommend a surgeon, you will then have to find an oral surgeon on your own. The best way to do this is making a list of all oral surgeons in your niche market. This will give you a clear idea of the options available there and at the same time, you can explore possibilities before going under the knives. You can take help from online as well as offline sources like family, friends, and colleagues here.
  • Checking feedback and rating: Once the list is ready, talk to your offline resources for their feedback on individual surgeons. Simultaneously, you check the review sites that give a rating on the best oral surgeons along with the feedback. You may be happy to know that John-Michael Stewart Oral has a five-star rating on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • Checking the cost of surgery: This is yet another important step for selecting an oral surgeon. After all, you have a fixed budget or a cover in your medical insurance for such a surgery. If the package offered by a surgeon doesn’t fit within the budget/insurance cover, you will be in a soup after the surgery. Therefore, act proactively here and look for the surgeon that offers flexible payment option alongside the best cost that suits your budget/insurance cover and the purpose.
  • Short listing of a couple of surgeons: Based on the findings above, you must shortlist 2-3 oral surgeons and talk to them individually to understand the best surgeon for your job.

You should ideally choose a surgeon who is well-known in your niche market and also has a good clientele.

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