At Daniels, we do things a little different to ensure your safety is met


As a clinical services company, we ensure we offer the best services ever thus ensuring we deliver a safe way of living. At Daniels healthcare, we present a dramatic shift from traditional waste disposal companies. Our approach reflects a clinical focus on eliminating infection transfer risk and minimizing patient interruptions and ensuring staff and patient are protected. We provide a custom-made solution for each facility that meets the cost, safety, and efficiencies. Go to the website to learn and familiarize with a variety of our services and how to book us.

Why can you choose us?

·         Redefining your waste handling and segregation efficiencies

We make sure we achieve optimum levels of safe waste handling and segregation efficiencies in a health care set up. We have trained experts who work along with your partnership to design the optimum flow of material collection before processing or recycling.

·         Education that drives change

Daniels Healthcare has an ongoing obligation to help educate healthcare staff to achieve greater safety awareness. We drive behavioral change in waste management, segregation, compliance, and best practice. Go to the website to learn more about us.

We ensure our education platforms impact knowledge and inspire conscious and actionable disciplines in our day to day practices.

·         Compliance that reduces risk

Daniels Health operates across the continent thus making sure we follow the stipulated regulations. Through training, site mapping and online reporting, our operational experts and compliance teams work closely with each healthcare facility to advise you and mitigate the risk of fines and violation penalties from related boards of management.

·         Customized to your facility

We have worked with many companies and several facilities each with different regulations. Each facility we work with has its own unique set of needs and challenges, and we pride ourselves on having a fluid and quick approach that delivers site-relevant solutions rather than off-the-shelf packages. So when you work with us, you’ll get all of that experience tailored for you more so getting the knowledge to solve waste solutions.

·         A solution that changes with you

We do not have boundaries from small surgical clinics to major hospitals our services experts are trained on a couple of waste management services that are designed to be flexible and proven to deliver behavioral changing results within the staff, community and needle stick injury reduction across the facilities. No matter the size facility you have, we can tailor a change solution that will not only deliver benefits immediately but will be flexible enough to change as your business does.


No matter how big or small your facility is, we’re positive that we can provide you with a far better and more economical waste service. Daniels ‘value’ is achieved for our customers through multiple touchpoints – efficiencies, cost-savings, environmental achievements and increased safety benchmarking. Thus it’s important to value about your staffs, customers as well as the community at large. Do not wait for regulatory bodies to place penalties seek a health behavioral change that suits your wallet and waste disposal strategies.

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