5 Advantages Of Expanders


The majority of the individuals usually aim to have an outstanding appearance. To achieve it, they look for a way that would have a perfect smile to capture attention. In most instances, orthodontic problems are caused when an individual’s upper jaw is too narrow. The patients, therefore, suffer from malocclusion and misaligned teeth. To correct the following problem, most people use palatal expanders to boost their oral health. The expanders correct the problem by creating more space to align the upper teeth and jaw. An increase in preference for a perfect smile has led to extensive use of expanders in Leander. As per the person’s dental problem, there are different options for expanders. The types are rapid palatal expander, removable palate expander, implant-support expander, and surgically-assisted palate expander. You should therefore request an orthodontist to suggest the best option. The following are some advantages of using expanders to correct dental problems.

Improved Breathing

When a person has a narrow upper jaw, they usually have a breathing problem. The restricted airflow causes dry mouth, snoring, mouth breathing, and sleep apnea. Carrying out maxillary expansion will increase the nasal airway. Consequently, it will reduce the risk of sleep apnea in children. If the child shows the following symptoms, you should visit an orthodontist.


Palatal expanders are compatible. Their compatibility is crucial because using them in conjunctions decreases the time when receiving treatment, saving the spending. Besides, instead of braces, they allow teeth to be aligned easily if more space is available. It would be advisable if you choose palatal expanders since they are more compatible.

Corrects Dental Issues

Palatal expanders facilitate dental problems correction. Issues such as crowding and misaligned bite are easily corrected by using expanders. They efficiently correct these problems by adding more spaces in the mouth. Besides, it enables the teeth to grow in unique places. You should choose palatal expanders since they correct several dental problems like crowding and misaligned bites.

Exceptional smile

Significantly, expanders affect the fit of upper and lower back teeth. This impact forces an individual to choose a chewing side. The opposite jaw does not interfere with the other jaw, contributing to permanent asymmetry. However, intensifying the upper jaw removes the dental interference, enabling the lower jaw to position itself centrally below the upper jaw for an exceptional smile.

No Surgery

Palatal expanders do not involve surgery. In several instances, individuals want to avoid pain or worries when receiving treatments. Expanders do not require surgery when they are inserted. More significantly, it would help if you went for early intervention to avoid any chances of surgery. Children are favored by palatal expanders since their mouths and jaws are still developing and not yet fully formed. Therefore, palatal expanders are crucial since no surgery eliminates any chances of pain or worries.

Get an incredible smile today

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