Hip replacement surgery will be followed by an intense period of recovery. This includes gradually moving out from hospital to recover at home and finally to resume your normal activities.

Recovery from hip replacement surgery consists of the following stages:


After the surgery, you may be transferred to post-operative ward and here you will remain for a few hours. You may be subject to constant monitoring till you wake up from anesthesia, after which you may be moved to the hospital room for you. Generally you may need to stay in hospital for 3 to 4 days, however this depends on your individual case. After surgery, you  will experience some pain which will be  dealt  by pain medication.

In case of a minimally invasive procedure, you will need about one day of stay in the hospital. You will need to stay for 3 days if you have undergone a total hip replacement surgery. For a revision hip replacement, you may stay in hospital for 4 to 5 days. You must be prepared for meeting cost of hip replacement surgery in India.


Chance of health  complications in this surgery is very low. There is only 2% chance of developing infections of a serious nature. Common reasons of infections are through dental procedures, infections of skin or urinary tract. To avoid this, you must take antibiotics after surgery.

Most common complications from surgery are blood clots developing  in the pelvis or leg veins. They pose a threat to life, if they spread to the lungs, heart or brain. But your medical team will make all efforts including medication to prevent this.


To give strength to your hips,  doctors will recommend small exercises like to release and contract the muscles of  the buttocks and legs as well as ankle pumps. You must restrict motion in your hip joints.

Typically, you will start using  help of  a Physical Therapist (PT), the same day as the surgery. The PT will educate you on particular exercises to help gain back hip movement.  During the time you stay in hospital, you  have to meet  with PT twice a day. You will be prepared for discharge and recovery at home by discharge nurse and Occupational therapist (OT). After returning home, you may have to work along with a PT, 3 to 4 time, weekly.


You must arrange for someone to take you home after hospitals stay. For a few days or  weeks  you will require someone to help you with routine tasks (cleaning/ shopping etc.).  You need to have planned early for recovering at home- stocking up on food that is easy to use- canned, frozen etc.  Rarely does insurance cover cost of hiring helpers  at home. You must take the help of friends, family or social groups. There are three options for Physical therapy: Arranging PT to visit you at home/ staying in Rehab hospitals for sometime/ or staying at specialized nursing facilities.

Once at home, you must strictly follow instructions of your medical team. You must take good care of your incision spot. The spot must be kept dry till incision staples are removed 14 days after surgery.

Within 3 to 6 weeks after surgery, you will be able to resume your normal routine. After 6 weeks, you may be permitted to drive and return to work, as per the nature of your work.

You must strictly attend follow-up sessions with your medical team at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after surgery.

Total hip replacement implant cost in India is relatively low compared globally. So it attracts medical tourists from all around the world, for this procedure.

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